We offer intensive housing management with support

The main aim and objective of the Support Team involves creating a strategy which will encourage residents to take control of their own lives, by developing the skills necessary for independent living and to enable them to improve their own network of support, once they have left Creating Change These aims and objectives are achieved by offering practical support, advice, assistance, advocacy, representation and counselling/psychotherapy.

We can help with addictions, mental health and other personal issues

The Support Team liaise with specialist agencies such as mental health services, drug and alcohol agencies, debt management schemes, mentoring projects, probation services and so on. The team also have good links with numerous educational establishments, we also offer social life skills courses and other projects for our residents to access.

Immediate personal skill building for future sustainability

The desired result of all these opportunities is to enable the individual to cope better with daily problems, promote independence, help increase self- esteem, improve motivation and raise levels of confidence by the meeting and overcoming of challenging situations. Each individual will be given a personalised action plan catered to their individual needs.

We can accept clients, male and female, aged 18 years and over with or without a local connection, in the area of accommodation


Contact us or visit your local office and an appointment for an assessment will be offered. Details can be found in contact us

3rd Party Referral

We accept referrals from agencies and organisations who wish to refer on behalf of their clients. You can refer using our online form or contact us directly.

When a referral is received, if appropriate, an appointment will be offered for a comprehensive assessment. Once assessed, if the client meets our criteria and a vacancy exists, a unit of accommodation will be offered. If a vacancy does not exist, the client will be put on a waiting list for consideration for when a vacancy becomes available.

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We accept clients, male and female, aged 18 years and over without a local connection to Blackpool.