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Creating Change Housing Management provide supported housing accommodation for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, who require Intensive support in managing and maintaining a tenancy. Our residents may have complex and additional support needs to include but not limited to those with addictions, mental health issues, learning difficulties and offending behaviour. Creating Change recognises that people who require specialist support may encounter difficulty renting accommodation from the wider housing market.

Our Values
We are committed to transforming lives and respect and value diverse life challenges, creating an environment that is inclusive of all.
A culture statement must be taught, led and enforced- make time to discuss various elements of the culture statement as you teach and review actions inside the business. A culture statement is a team game.
A practical approach to a comprehensive system where physical, social, emotional, mindful and spiritual growth, our aim is to support clients to thrive not just survive
We are motivated to make a difference to everyone we work with. We are proactive in finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their goals

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Our services
What we do


We create a strategy which will encourage residents to take control of their own lives by developing the skills necessary for independent living.


Accomodation is provided with intensive housing management to meet the needs of all our residents, including shared and single units.


Our dedicated volunteers work alongside our support workers and housing officers to provide additional support in the implementation of the individualised strategy to enable and encourage personal growth and independence.


We work alongside specialist services, local authorities and third sector organisations to ensure that those who meet our criteria have the best possible strategy and support to meet their individual needs.

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We can help with addictions, mental health and other personal issues

The Support Team liaise with specialist agencies such as mental health services, drug and alcohol agencies, debt management schemes, mentoring projects, probation services and so on. The team also have good links with numerous educational establishments, we also offer social life skills courses and other projects for our residents to access.

Immediate personal skill building for future sustainability

The desired result of all these opportunities is to enable the individual to cope better with daily problems, promote independence, help increase self- esteem, improve motivation and raise levels of confidence by the meeting and overcoming of challenging situations. Each individual will be given a personalised action plan catered to their individual needs.

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We accept clients, male and female, aged 18 years and over with or without a local connection to Blackpool.

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